Everybody is fine with having a large number of fans, supporters, subscribers and loves to their social accounts. To develop your self on social networking platforms usually takes considerable time and energy. You will find however simpler methods for getting more Facebook likes and Twitter supporters. You should use social exchange websites. By conducting a quick search in the search engines there are lots of web sites offering such services. Please watch out for these websites because most of them are fake or scam. There are several which are built simply to steal your social networking account.



A secure and good way to exchange social networking engagement is AddMeFast. In the following paragraphs I will highlight the advantages of by using this useful gizmo.

Summary of AddMeFast

Addmefast is really a live exchange website where greater than 4 billion likes together with subscribers, followers, visits and so forth are exchanged.

With addmefast you are able to improve your social networking recognition, brand, revenue and presence by providing

  • Facebook likes, Facebook Share, Facebook Supporters, Facebook Publish Likes,
  • YouTube Video likes, YouTube subscribers,
  • Google Circles, Google Publish Share,
  • YouTube Video Favorites, YouTube views,
  • Twitter Supporters, Twitter tweets, Twitter retweets, Twitter Favorites

and so forth and receiving as a swap points that you simply spend these to receive likes as a swap of individuals points.

Addmefast has greater than 4 million active users from a minimum of 200 countries. It’s using user-friendly interface along with extra rewards for many milestones. They’ve secure payment methods in situation you need to buy points accustomed to receive likes.

AddMeFast Review

addmefast review is it legit or scam

When you joined addmefast you need to simply on line while using registration button. A popup window can look requesting email, password along with a captcha code plus a sign-up button.

When you pressed that button, you have to confirm your current email address and to sign in while using form on the top right from the website.

You should check this area for remembering me if you would like your credentials to become appreciated. And if you didn’t remember passwords you will find the “forgot passwords?” option available.

When you logged in you will get 50 points as well as for each referral, you receive another 300 points. Also, you can purchase points pressing the buy now button and selecting a repayment method for example PayPal, Google, Paysafe, Skrill, etc. For every package, you’re going to get 20% more points.

Costs are based on your country. If you need to purchase a plan in which you get limitless points you can examine the final option. Fundamental essentials available plans:

  1. Silver plan which costs $199 for several synchronised active links,
  2. Gold plan’s $499 for 10 synchronised active links and
  3. Platinum arrange for $999 getting 25 synchronised active links.

The billing period is weekly and you may upgrade or cancel when you want.

In the “my referrals” page accessible with the top right menu, you can observe all of your referrals. The page also shows your referral’s status, points, registration date and activation date.

In the profile page, you can observe your current email address and you can alter passwords. You may also select if you wish to be notified by email. Came from here you may also delete your bank account in case you really want. By performing this course of action you will forfeit everything, including points.

Around the left sidebar, you will find the add site/page button. There you can include your Facebook Publish or page URL to get likes. Also, you have to select what you would like for example publish like or simply simple Facebook likes. You should check the world choice for likes everywhere or choose a few countries.

Next, be sure to create the title and if you would like total clicks or daily clicks limitations.

The ultimate key to receive likes would be to place the cost-per-click for the page/publish likes, understanding that the minimum is 2 and also the maximum is 10. Within this situation, individuals will get the points you authored at CPC in return for their like. I suggest putting a minimum of 5, but 10 is the easiest method to get fast and lots of likes, even though you exhaust points very rapidly.

Within the left, you might also need My Sites page where one can see all of the links you place there and you need to receive likes. You can observe if the hyperlinks are approved, if there is a limitation, you may also see the amount of CPC and the quantity of clicks.

Also, you are able to delete, pause, edit or see information on a particular link.

The Subscription page is devoted towards the three plans Silver, Gold and Platinum.

which i have previously written above as the Buy Points page is devoted buying points.

The daily bonus page provides you with 200 daily bonuses but you have to be active. What this means is you need to do a minimum of 50 clicks. The Free Points page is to choose network and produce free points by liking, following, tweeting and so forth.

The next 35 pages are pages for particular actions where one can receive points for example fm Likes, Facebook Likes, Vine Likes, and Website Hits and others.

Within the right portion of the addmefast, you can observe your referrals. There’s even the choice to share it with various social networking systems.

Each action works similar, excepting the web site hits where you simply need to enter after which an autosurf can make its job by surfing for websites instantly when you get points, but you have to let open your window using the autosurf else you will not win any points.

For every action, you have a notification about the number of loves have and you may see that you could skip should you not agree. Also remember to login to your social networking account, else you can’t like or do other things excepting the web site hits action.

Addmefast has additionally the choice to translate it to your language using Google Translate along with a widget put into the footer from the website also if you’re idle to have an action you will get a notification to reload the page to carry on your liking or any other action.

In case you really have free time technology-not only to make points and employ these to get free likes, shares and supporters. Please note that many of users are utilizing fake accounts, so with AddMeFast you will not be capable of getting real social engagement.

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