Followlike Review – Is A Scam? is a website for, like they said, “A tool to exchange social signals, video views or facebook likes between a community of users around the world.



Watch videos from others, they will watch yours.”followlike review


I sign up this website yesterday. When I found on Google search looks like going to be a good website for my Youtube Videos. For each video, you earn “X” points.

Firstable, the popup window system for the new video you going to view, don’t close after finish the time set up.


Because of that, if you see 30 videos for example, you are going to have 30 windows open in your browser. So I had to install Firefox. In Firefox it works perfectly.

But after I accumulated 2000 points, I tried to set up my first video again, because at the start I didn’t had any points, so I think when I have more points I can set up my video.


When I try to set up the time and the points I going to “pay” for every view, the system doesn’t let me set up, only if I Upgrade the account. Also, they don’t have any form of contact, no email, no support or a telephone number, NOTHING.

So, for me, is a almost a Scam. Don’t try it or visit their website. I currently use Social Signals and I have better results, I pay a small fee but it is better. You can grow even Spotify with them.


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Followlike is really a free social exchange site where a large number of users share content. This provides you use of a nearly limitless quantity of social shares for the site. You may also use Followlike they are driving no cost traffic to your website.

Social shares are essential for just about any site because they generate traffic and boost rankings. Followlike provides you with social backlinks from Google , Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (yet others). There is also fans and supporters for the social networking accounts. There’s a traffic exchange where one can get no cost traffic for your webpages.

Followlike creates a credit system. You set your social networking accounts and URLs and bid for shares and clicks. The greater you bid the faster your articles will get shared or clicked. You get credits by discussing or hitting other users content. If you don’t have enough time to get this done you can purchase credits cheaply.

Registering For Followlike

Registering for Followlike is free of charge and simple. Simple click this sign-up link and enter the information you have. After you have registered you will get a welcome email and 300 bonus credits.

Sign-Up For review

Adding Social Accounts To Followlike

Once you have registered you have to then add social accounts to Followlike. You may either make use of your personal accounts or create new makes up about Followlike. You need to enter makes up about Twitter, Scrumptious, Diigo, Stumbleupon and Tumblr. After you have joined these you can begin earning credits.

Adding Social Accounts To Followlike

Earning Credits On Followlike

Earning credits is a straightforward process. You click the social networking and you’ll get proven eight share options and the amount of credits you get. Simply click on all these and produce the credits.

You may also earn 100 bonus credits every day by hitting the daily bonus link. For those who have earned some premium hrs the daily bonus will get bending to 200 credits. Also, should you join the e-newsletter you’re going to get free coupons each month.

Certain social discussing will enable you to get premium hrs. These premium hrs are helpful because they boost the daily bonus. Also, if you work with the traffic exchange or youtube views zinc heightens the vista time.

Using Credits For Social Shares and Traffic

Adding your URLs for discussing is simple. Clicking “Add Site/Link” then “Add Site/Social Network” choose the kind of exchange. After this you add some ULR along with a description and select the amount of credits for every exchange. After you have added your sites you’ll immediately get social exchanges.

My Technique For Using Followlike

I personally use Followlike for Google , Facebook shares for those my content. I add all of my article URLs of these social systems and enter a credit price of 12. What this means is I recieve a couple of social shares each day for little credit cost. I additionally enter my article URLs for traffic exchange. I set the loan cost at 2 (the minimum). This provides me twenty to thirty views of every URL every single day. This traffic boosts my total page views. The views have a tendency to happen consecutively therefore it leads to low bounce rate traffic. Since beginning this traffic exchange, I’ve come across a boost in internet search engine traffic that is great.

Registering for Followlike continues to be among the best decisions I’ve made. I recieve lots of social shares which assist with traffic and rankings. I additionally get no cost traffic that can help with rankings as my sites look popular. Try Followlike today, it’s free and you may drive social backlinks, shares and traffic. Register here.


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