Spotify is undoubtedly the enormous from the music streaming world and an excellent friend to artists (signed and unsigned) worldwide. One thing we like most about Spotify is the artists-only tool Spotify For Artists.



Like a music service but additionally a tech company Spotify is continually evolving therefore we have come up with our one-stop-look for understanding Spotify For Artists, which we continuously update every time there’s a brand new feature put into the service.

In the following paragraphs we’ll explain:

• What Spotify For Artists Isbuy spotify followers

• Ways To Get Verified on Spotify

• How you can edit your Spotify artist profile & bio

• Adding social networking links for your profile

• How you can add team people for your Spotify For Artists account

• What data you’ll find inside your account

• How you can pitch to Spotify Playlists


Getting verified on Spotify has become simpler than ever before!


Spotify is essential to all of us at Spinnup – it is among the major online stores we distribute to, so we collect important Spotify trend data that is displayed in each and every artist account under ‘Stats & Activity‘ to assist artists gauge how their releases are accomplishing from the first day. And so they began in Norway, much like us!

Recently Spotify continues to be dealing with some changes, which could have an affect on every single one individuals, both as artists so that as listeners. So when you are asking, “what’s new with Spotify? And just how does it affect me?” Well, we’ve got your back.


Fan Insights / Spotify For Artists

In late 2015, we said about Spotify’s beta form of Fan Insights, however *drumroll please* Fan Insights continues to be renamed ‘Spotify for Artists‘ and it is open to all artists!

Within the 2 yrs since Spotify launched data tools for artists, they’ve been speaking (and listening) to artists and management teams around the globe to optimise this facet of their service making it as being helpful as you possibly can.

Spotify describes the reincarnation of the data tool as “a one-stop shop designed to help you through Spotify.” The things they mean with this is Spotify for Artists can help you access improved audience insights, song data and playlisting information

This can help you’re able to know your fans better by discovering their current address, what their ages are, what features they’re using to uncover your own music, and just what other artists they’re hearing. Just browse the testimonials of artists who’ve used the brand new Spotify data to create more informed touring and release decisions, and that means you can too.

In addition to improving their data insights tools, it’s now simpler than ever before to handle your Spotify artist profile and…

Get Verified!

No more is it necessary to wait til you have 250 supporters to even have the ability to make an application for verification. Rather, now all that you should do is get access to Spotify for Artists!

Should you not already get access to Spotify for artists, click the link and stick to the steps to gain access to your bank account.

But when you’re already verified take it easy, its not necessary to complete almost anything to keep your pretty blue tick in your profile. The brand new verification system means you’ll use Spotify for Artists to include and take away playlists out of your profile, but make use of your personal account to produce and edit them.


Exactly what does this suggest for existing verified artists?


• You will preserve your verification and all sorts of playlists will stay

• You’ll now add and take away playlists in Spotify for Artists, however, you create and edit them out of your personal account, like always

• If you are using Fan Insights, you have to change to using Spotify for Artists

Let’s say I am not verified?

• You are able to become verified really easily, by simply being able to access Spotify for Artists, forget about 250 supporters!

• You will have to add/remove playlists in Spotify for Artists, but create and edit them out of your personal account

• You may want to wait a couple of days for that blue tick to look in your profile.



spotify notifications


Artist Profile & Bio

Since you’re a bonafide and verified Spotify artist you’ll be able to freely edit your public profile! Get the creative hats on because you can now improve your artist image as frequently while you improve your outfit – seems like lots of work, but each to their personal! You may also show people what music you’re jamming to by selecting your ‘artist’s pick’ that sits towards the top of your profile, and add playlists – either ones you’ve produced or perhaps your favourites that you would like to see your fans.

In September 2017 Spotify announced that artists are now able to directly edit their artist bio, that was formerly unavailable. A great spot to let fans learn more about you and your band, and provide your personality, creativeness or feeling of humour. Enjoy it, but don’t go too overboard!

Electronic music performer Caribou keeps his bio short and sweet, but is a fairly touch!

How you can edit your artist bio, step-by-step:

1. See your Spotify For Artists profile and scroll lower to ‘Artist Bio’

2. Write your amazing, brilliant, creative, thoughtful bio in 1500 words or fewer

3. Add links for your music, music you feature on, playlists – anything on Spotify! Only use the ‘@’ symbol to find information about playlists, artists or albums

4. For those who have a Wikipedia page (otherwise, why don’t you create one? It’s free and simple!) you can include a hyperlink to that particular here.

Pimp your profile by having an image gallery

By March 2018 artists are now able to make their Spotify profile look even fantastic with new custom image galleries. When you login for your Spotify for Artists account, visit Profile under Tools within the left-hands menu, exactly like you would to edit the information on your Spotify artist page. Above in which you enter your bio now you can equal to 125 photos of your liking! This can be official artist images, photos for you within the studio or making music, or on the highway performing live – the options are endless! It’s a terrific way to show fans what you’re as much as and allow them to become familiar with you best. You may also edit your gallery in the Spotify for Artists mobile application.

You are able to edit an order of images, add or delete them anytime – consider getting creative!

Image needs:

jpeg, gif or png

690px x 500px

Avoid text, logos, and busy backgrounds

Max 125 images

Incorperate your social networking links

While we’re around the subject of editing your profile, artists are now able to add social networking links for their profile, which makes it simple for fans to locate them elsewhere online. Forget about wishing artists will discover your Instagram handle where you’ve misspelt your company name and employ a 3 rather of the ‘E’ because someone already includes a profile together with your regular artist name.

Like above, just mind towards the Profile tab inside your Spotify for Artists account, click About, as well as on the best-hands side, there’s a brand new ‘More Info’ panel. Here you can include links for your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia pages.


Team People

In September 2017 Spotify added an additional feature to Spotify For Artists, allowing artists to include team people for their account. As being a music performer is really a tough business, and getting a group surrounding you to aid and also be your job goes a lengthy method to assisting you be a success! Now your team will help you much more by being able to access your computer data and profile.

All artists can also add team people for their Spotify For Artists account in three different access levels:

• Full Access – users that you simply grant complete use of all of your features, including artist profile, stats, and the opportunity to invite and edit team people

Suggested for: Band people, managers

• Edit Access – these users can improve your artist profile, view streaming stats, invite new team people for edit or view access, and examine all people as well as their contact details

Suggested for: Booking agent, promoter, publicist

• View Access – this option can observe your streaming stats only

Suggested for: producers, collaborators

How do you add Team People?

To include as numerous people as you wish for your team, simply signup or login to Spotify For Artists, and click on the arrow alongside your company name. Within the drop-lower menu select ‘Manage Team’, which opens a webpage where one can input emails for that lucky couple of you’ll give use of, and hang the access level for every.

Spotify Data

I know full well that at Spinnup we like data, and a lot of it. And that’s why i was so excited to listen to that Spotify has added much more data and analytics towards the Spotify For Artists platform. Read all of the information on it here, or read below of the introduction to how much in your SFA account.

• Stats for those songs – no more is it necessary to earn 1000 streams to visit your data, now you will notice absolutely everything for the top 200 songs. Do not have 200 songs yet? Well what exactly are you awaiting? Get recording!

• Time filters – now you can view your computer data by seven days, 4 weeks (so 4 days, really), or more years! The main reason this really is so helpful is the fact that you’ll have the opportunity to find out if any big pushes (think PR cycle, a specific gig, social networking campaign etc) made an effect for your fans and streams.

• Follower data – your supporters are the super fans, those who love your own music a lot they would like to be notified any time you release something totally new. Inside your SFA account you now have the Follower Timeline so that you can track, and hopefully increase your follower count. More supporters = more fans = more streams… you see what i mean.

Pitching to Playlists

By mid-2018, all artists can pitch their music straight to Spotify with the hope of getting their song put on a Spotify-curated playlist. The good thing, it requires only a couple of minutes and may be done correctly from inside your Spotify For Artists account. The most crucial items to note are:

• You are able to only pitch one song at any given time per release, if you come with an Air or perhaps an album you are able to only choose one song in the project

• Tracks are only able to be pitched if they’re inside a pre-release condition. Which means you’ve produced your release on Spinnup and hang a release date later on (we advise two days a minimum of), it’s been approved by we and it is relaxing in the ‘Upcoming’ tab of the SFA account

This really is this kind of important tool for artists to make use of we have dedicated an entire separate blog publish for this.

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