Ranking videos on YouTube aren’t that hard if you are smart enough.

This is the key in different sites too like Facebook, Twitter, and IG. (never tried on Google yet.) Yes, I’m talking about the word “Engagement” it is the key you need to rank your videos. You may think that I’m crazy but no, I’m not, and I’m not kidding about it.




Since newly uploaded videos won’t get any engagement at first, here we will fake it till we rank our video.


Here are the things we need to rank a video in YouTube.


1. Of course, the video you want to rank – it must be HQ so even if you will only get less traffic, it will still convert like crazy.


2. An aged account with videos – You already knew it is a must too. Even if it
is just 1-3 years old it will work, having some subscribers is a plus.
It is good to have at least 500 – 1000 Youtube subscribers.
You can get them here: https://socialsignals24.com/product/real-youtube-subscribers/


3. Few more accounts – these can be fresh, or you can use your aged
account here too. (note, you can make multiple channels in a single account)
These accounts will do the fake engagement for us.


4. Proxies or VPN it’s your choice, we need this because we will get our accounts in trouble if we will login them in a single IP.

Here are the steps I used when uploading:

1. Upload your videos as unlisted. Yes, unlisted still works pretty well. Since it is unlisted it is okay if the filename of your vid is just “vid1” “untitledvid”
and so on, it doesn’t matter.

2. Once uploaded, get the link and purchase Likes and Custom Comments.
Here are the services you will need:

Youtube Likeshttps://socialsignals24.com/product/youtube-likes/
Suggested likes per video is 2,500

Youtube Commentshttps://socialsignals24.com/product/youtube-custom-comments/
Suggested comments 20-100

3. If everything was already delivered, we are going to purchase views now. Just make sure you will choose the non-drop views or very small drop views and views that will not spike on delivery(means it will not deliver your views in just an hour, it must be spread almost evenly per hour).

Youtube Views: https://socialsignals24.com/product/youtube-high-retention-views/

Amount of views will depend on your niche; I can outrank videos with 100k views with just 30,000 views on my video. You can go lesser or higher.

4. Once the views start delivering, we need to check the “real-time views” of our vid. To do so, go to Creator Studio > Analytics > Real-time. If you ordered 30,000 views, we would list our video when it crosses at 15,000+ mark or 50-60% of your ordered views. Of course, before you list it, edit
everything from Title to Description and Tags.

Title and Description format I used is here:
Download Sample Titles + Description + Comments

5. This is where we implement our twist the fake engagement. Once the video was listed, we are going to log in the other accounts we have. I log in 5 accounts at a time using Mozilla Profile Manager (will explain this later)

What we are going to do is make an engagement with our video. After login, we are going to watch, like, subscribe and comment with our vid. But we are not going to copy-paste our link in the browser. Instead, we are going to search our video using the “keyword” we are aiming to rank. So, if we uploaded a Blitz Brigade video, we are going to search “Blitz Brigade Hack” and filter it to “Last Hour.”

So, this is what we are going to do:

* Search our vid using the guide above.
* Let it play in our browser
* Once the video is almost done, that’s the time we are going to Like, Subs, Share on G+(optional) then comment something related to the video, in this case, it’s Blitz Brigade – just simply comment something like “Thanks for uploading a working hack”, “it worked well for me”, “I got few Coins and Diamonds, thanks! you saved me some real money” or something like that.
* Let the video finish to play as it is a “high retention” view too.
* Once it’s done just move to the next account you have and do it around 15-20 times using different accounts and IP. Just put some interval doing
this, if you are going to do five at a time like me, do the next five after 10-15 minutes.
NOTE: Once you have done this like ten times already, try to search your video in the first page without using filters. It must be probably on 10th – 20th position.
* After you have done everything, wait few hours(depends on the niche) and your video will rank on 1-5th position but most the time at the 1st position.
REMINDER – we are doing this while the views are still coming in our video. It has a very low effect to none if we are going to do this while the views are

So, that’s it. You can rank lots of video doing the steps above. I know you feel like “WTF, will this really work?” right now. YES, it DOES! 🙂 Before you
talk “not working” and judge my method, try it for yourself first, and you will be amazed that this simple trick is the key in ranking a video.

1. Don’t put a link your link in the description. Instead, comment on your video containing a link to your lander and pinned it.

2. Treat this as a passive business don’t waste your time and money on niches like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Pokémon, Roblox, Fortnite and any other big games. The $500 a day of those niches are long gone. And there’s a lot of competition on that niches, some will report
your video, and you will cry if YT decided to take down your video. I swear you will waste your money on that niches, you can’t get an ROI, and your video was already gone.

3. Go with small niches it has low competition and your video will last for months even years, like Traffic Rider(my vid just got copyright infringement 2 weeks ago, but it was earning $120-200 a month passively for 1+ year), Blitz Brigade(only 2-3 bucks a day so far, it may be low, but it’s passive) and much more.
4. Small niches will not earn you hundreds of dollars daily at first, but they will give you the greatest ROI in the long run. Of course less headache too. All you have to do is rank your video and forget about it and move to your next niche. (Set n Forget)

Good luck and $$$ to come! Happy Earning!

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